‘I’ll Believe You if You Believe Me’ - on Otherkin and Multiple Systems


Here’s a quick post on multiplicity (and otherkin) and their disparaging view on critical thought. Just in the Tumblr tags today I read these words:

Think things through before you judge people. We plurals and ‘kin should especially understand that we have to stick together.

Multiples and otherkin have grown up inside a community that values blind acceptance above all else.

Below the cut I discuss just how and why multiple systems (and otherkin) are promoting a dangerous community. Here’s the gist of it for those looking for a quick reblog:

Under multiplicity’s laws you can be whomever you wish. There is no standard, no baseline, no rules to ever be broken, no taboos. This is why the community is addictive and harmful: you will never be questioned on who you are or why. If you are engaging in dangerous behavior or belief systems you will never be questioned on it, and that breeds not only a disconnect from reality, but a disconnect from what is right and wrong.

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Written by me. The link goes to a PDF… it’s a little too long text to put in a post.

Please spread this around, the idea is to educate people…

"Why do I care? Because nonhuman identities are not often represented in conversations about identity. Because the identity is not treated seriously, not in the social justice community and definitely not in the rest of society, even though it can be the core of someone’s identity, and a lot of stress can be caused through the problems of having this identity, and the problems of society not accepting it."

For anyone who thought swanblood was one of the more rational ones.

Apparently otherkinnery has a place in social justice discussions. /tired sigh

Re: sleeping


As a wild sheep therian and AtLA fictive, I want to sleep under the stars and on a bed of grass and possibly some twigs, as long as they don’t poke me when I’m moving around in my sleep.

Though being fae-kin I want to be hidden somewhere, like in a small space with all my stuff around me…so I guess to compromise I’d preferably live in a tree house. With wifi.

I’m getting kind of tired of people assuming that otherkin/therians are lying about their experiences


… or that it is something chosen, a role playing game “gone too far”.

Otherkin and therians do exist. But does this mean that souls exist, that reincarnation magic is real? No. It only means that there are people who have this experience of feeling non-human, even if they have a human body and human upbringing. I cannot give any answers to why this occurs since there has been no research into it, but it doesn’t seem to be mental illness.

OK, people on the internet are not very trustworthy in general, but if you ever meet an otherkin or a therian IRL I really hope you guys are politer then than here, and not accuse them for lying without a good reason.


I used to think that everyone were strange or different in some way, but most people hid it very well. And so, I didn’t want to hide what makes me different, because then perhaps others would follow my lead and nobody would have to be ashamed of who they are. But I’ve now learnt that “normal people” indeed do exist. :(


So, um, hello. Alisa here. I’m kind of new to tumblr but I was told there are other fictionkin and things on here?

It’s nice to meet you!

Check out my page to see who is in this system, kay? :)


hello tumblr, i am ae. i figure i will mass introduce myself as i set up this blog. i am an otherkin, a machine/robotkin if you would like to be more precise. i am interested in the nonhuman/otherkin/trans*/lgbtqa+/social justice/identity communities as a whole. you can expect to see me around more often. make note that i contribute on a psychological, humanitarian, as well as neurological basis.

a calm, analytical body and mind means that i have a “thick skin”, so to speak, as well as a sense of humor. i am also completely aware of what i am getting myself into and the current collective assorted stances on issues. i am an observer first, after all.

these tags will not be used in such a gratuitous manner again. excuse this incident.

"i contribute on a psychological, humanitarian, as well as neurological basis"

What does that mean?

Nice Weather


So the nice weather has deffinitly affecting the way I’ve been feeling today. Its made me want to run, play, to hunt and the odd urge to find a den. I’ve got several days off around the fourth, an I intend to go hiking or something, to get the edge off. My wolf has been very at the front. Today at work I found myself growling at a rude customer quietly, or whining when I had to wait for my relief so I could use the restroom. Not the most interesting day, no exciting thoughts or revelations.


My collars and tails hanging above my bed. :) Oh, and my leash too.


My collars and tails hanging above my bed. :) Oh, and my leash too.


This is the collar I wear almost everyday. And also my name tag.


This is the collar I wear almost everyday. And also my name tag.

Ask me anything about otherkin and therians


During the past few years, I’ve written a few e-books about otherkin and therianthropes: the history of the communities back to the 1970s, a bibliography of books published about them, and a bibliography of articles about them. Whatever question you have about them, on any event, sub-topic, or issue, I’ll probably be able to show you some answers. I’ll take the time to cite my sources when I do. I know my way around my books and directory better than anyone else, so if you’re searching for an old article by somebody or other, I’ll probably be able to tell you where to find it.

Feel free to reblog this, so that more people will know that it’s okay to ask me questions about this stuff. 

Ask away, and I’ll do my best to reply. What questions do you have about otherkin and therianthropes?


It seems to be that many of the stories of “ex-otherkin” begin with the person finding the otherkin community (or just a IRL otherkin) and THEN “becoming” otherkin/therian. I’m not surprised. I’ve seen people join on therian boards who hear about the concept of therianthropy and then “realise” that they are non-human but unsure of what species. They then ask the community for help for finding their theriotype. This has always struck me as very backwards.

For me, therianthropy is such a strong feeling that if you have no clue what so ever about what species you are, you probably aren’t a therian. It’s like on a facebook theran group (which can be horribly fluffy), a teenage boy claimed to first be wolf (because his friend told him he looked like one), then otter, then penguin. These creatures are very different from each other. How could one mistake one for another? Oh, and why was he a penguin? “Because I like the cold”. -_- He very quickly absorbed this penguin identity, such as being very active on the facebook group and changing his facebook profile picture into a penguin. This, even though many of us others told him “there is no hurry, it’s all right to be human, you have to be sure of these things” etc.

I would not be surprised if he would post an “ex-otherkin” confession online, saying that therianthropy is just advanced escapism and that there is no productivity in the otherkin community.

I, on the other hand, knew that I felt like a wolf long before I found the therian community. I had this desperate search for others who felt like me. But when I found the therian community, I read about their problems with fluffies and people jumping to conclusions, so I didn’t register on any therian forums for 2 years. But I did call myself a therian, since it did describe my experiences better than calling myself a werewolf. I have since doubted whether I am a wolf, coyote or a hybrid between these two, but they are at least similar creatures.

I am sorry if I come off as elitist or something. But I’ve seen people latch on to something that seems cool but is wrong for them before. I’ve seen straight people calling themselves bi (because bisexuality is “more romantic”??), and then, because they faked, make people assume all bisexuals are fakers. I’ve seen people self-harm “because it’s edgy”, making those who actually have trouble with self destructibility seem like trend followers. I know how hurtful this is.

It’s like I can imagine that there really are some people who have multiple personalities, but it seems to me that most I read about on the internet aren’t. In the same way, I am sure that therians exist, but that many who pass through the therian community are wishkin.

Also, I’ve noticed that some of those “ex-otherkin” say that what they thought were animal behaviours were actually just normal human behaviours. I can understand this in some ways: of course humans can prefer one food type over another, or have some certain personality traits. But I need a way of describing those things that aren’t typically human. It’s not a normal part of being human to want to have pups instead of children, finding humans ugly, to walk on all fours, to feel an intense urge to howl, to play bow or to wanting to tear a moose calf to pieces and eat it. Calling myself a wolf therian gives me a way of describing my experience: experiences that I had before I knew about the word. 

Oh, and by the way, I live a productive and healthy life: studying full-time, working part-time, friends, boyfriend, active in a religious community and exercise. I trust the psychologists I’ve talked to several times better on my mental health than some random strangers on the internet.

But to those of you who somehow got into the otherkin community by mistake and now live another life and are happier: good for you. I would say you know what’s best for yourself.

Eating the Ammo


What’s wrong with being an escapist? I found out that I’m an escapist. I have always been an escapist. Escapists can have a lot of fun. As an escapist, I can deal with my problems in creative ways, such as comparing them to dramatic movies I’ve seen or creating new worlds with which to frame the one I don’t understand as well.

I also found that sometimes I bring my nonhuman identity into my escapism. However, this does not mean that my identity is invalid; it means I am bored and that being something which has not been researched and which bears some slight resemblance to a werecat is exciting. I’m not ashamed of feeling this way, and I don’t believe I should be made to be.