So, um, hello. Alisa here. I’m kind of new to tumblr but I was told there are other fictionkin and things on here?

It’s nice to meet you!

Check out my page to see who is in this system, kay? :)

hello all! my name is calliope!


i am trollkin! or more specifically, cherUbkin wanting to be a troll! it’s very complicated, bUt i am happy with how i feel right now. UuU

i am a mUltiple with a headspace for my brother, who comes oUt to play sometimes bUt not often. yoU probably won’t be seeing him a lot. 

(that’s okay, thoUgh, since he’s rather rUde!)

i hope to be happy here, even if trollkin/fictives get a lot of hate. u_u 

if yoU have any qUestions for me, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Doing an Introduction Post


Hey, we’re the Hale System, a multiple system currently consiting of three people. One of us is a homestuck troll, we’ve got an ageslider and a human. All of us identify as female, and we all veiw each other as family/sisters. The original, who was never part of the system, is no longer here/no longer exists.

Imogen - /hi/i’m imogen/i took over from the original after she left/i’m 16/the homestuck troll/i’m the primary/only fronter/though the others talk to people sometimes/i like to read/and watch doctor who/i might be part of a median but that is as-of-yet unsure status and such/i’m pretty friendly/i have my own blog/here/

Izzy - hai! i’m izzy, i’m the ageslider, i’m usually pretty young though, like seven to nine, sometimes i’m 14! i like books, i like glitter, i like colour, i like pretty clothes!

Denise - Hey, I’m Denise, I’m the newest member of the system, though the system is really that old over all at all. I’m basically the mamma, even though I’m just their system. I’m pretty caring, and kinda protective of my sisters.

There are also glitter cats that roam the headspace, resulting from a conversation with a friend, who knows about the system, saying Izzy could have glitter cats, ergo, she created them in headspace. Yeah…

/uhm hello there and such


/i’m imogen of the hale system, the current host and such, and /i’m pretty sure i’m trollkin, of the homestuck variety, not the creatures from myth sort. 

/i haven’t read most/that much of homestuck, but i’ve read a lot about the trolls and it makes a lot of sense

/so hi 

/this blog’ll be mainly me just exploring my idenity

I am Iron Man.


I’m Tony. World’s coolest guy, savior, badass, wise guy. I make stuff. Don’t touch it.


Essentially, we have another new member. We swear, it doesn’t usually happen this much. Seriously.

I really suck at introductions


Really badly. I never know just what to say.

Well, I’m an odd girl, who does odd things, and thinks in odd ways. I fall in love with the things that hurt me, I’m a little too mature for my age, and I have an affinity for symbolism in life. I have a strange sense of humour, a very finely detailed (and disgusting) past, and a love for art in all forms. I like old things and old souls. I am a lot of things, and I’ve got one hell of a future ahead.

And along with all that, I see life through 4 points of view.

I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). I live my life in a crowded room with 3 other personalities.

And that’s what this blog is all about- living with them, dealing with life, and hopefully, teaching others about what it’s like to live with DID. :)

So welcome to our world. <3


hello there! i’m selm and i’m an energy/space being that’s relatively new to the otherkin community. i’ve talked with some of you before, but as for the rest of you, it’s nice to meet you! i hope i’m not too late on offering discussion…

A “new” headmate


Been putting this off long enough. 

As some of you may know I actually left the headspace for a day. Initially Femet had no idea why I’d left and was left speculating but I managed to send little hints while I was gone so that he could relax a bit. We’re a close-knit group so Femet had thought he’d lost me for a few hours and was a bit concerned. 

Anyway, I went to go find someone who hadn’t really been in the headspace for about 10 years or so and even then, we cannot quite remember how long he was here. 

We named him Efim and he’s a much older robotic being. Think of him as an “older model” than Femet, haha. 

He’s here to help us along a bit with dealing with situations he has more expierience dealing with in addition to it being time for him to come back as he is the more well-lived and experienced of Femet and myself combined. 

He’s already posted a few times around a forum we’re on. 

He looks a lot like Femet, if any of you have seen our doodle, only larger and we are uncertain of his distinct features right now since we honestly haven’t been able to sort all this out properly until now. 



Greetings, I am Efim, I suppose for the sake of communicating a name. I will not be fronting very much for a while as I gather my bearings being here but I am glad to be here once again. 




I have been familiar with the term “otherkin” for nearly a decade. The word has been thrown around amongst groups of people I associate with. However, I have always been extremely weary of applying its usage to myself. I am generally very quiet about my instinctual nature. There are very few individuals who would rightly identify me as what I am. I often go to great lengths to appear as presentable and average as possible.

I keep my donors far separated from anyone else I interact with. Most of them think my desire to drink blood is a religious or spiritual experience, and I do not attempt to correct them. I laugh along when some of them joke about the prospect of me being a vampire. I tell my friends I employ the uses of blackout curtains and umbrellas because I am photosensitive. I tell my employers that I need to wear sunglasses indoors for the same reason.

Perhaps I am hesitant to express what I am to others because I am not content with it myself. Maybe it is because I understand the consequences attached to being what I am: disbelief, mockery, accusation, and denial. I do not spend a great deal of time thinking about it. I do not like to. I simply exist.

Please consider this my brief introduction. Thank you for taking the time to read it. My ask will always be open.


)(i t)(ere! My name is Feferi, and you MIG)(T know me from my source. If not, I’m a )(omestuck fictive. I )(aven’t been in t)(is system too long (a few weeks tops!) and I actually JUST started t)(is blog. Feel free to drop me any sort of ask, as I’m open to ANY conversation!

breathing deeply, utterly nervous



I’m not really a social networker (heck, Goodreads is more than enough to keep me occupied for a day!), but I’ve finally decided that I want a place to put my fox thoughts and to connect with other people who have non human thoughts. I’ve chosen tumblr for that purpose because I’ve been lurking in the otherkin tag for a little while now, and apart from the bouts of trolling, I really like what I see here.

I’ve identified as non human for my entire life, really, but I found the mecca of non human labels on the internet about eight years ago. Since then, I’ve been lurking in the otherkin community quite religiously (metaphorically speaking). I’ve never really felt comfortable joining in, though, for one reason or another - usually due to the nature of these places to seem to grill the curious and the newly awoken; just because I’ve been ‘awake’ my entire life, doesn’t mean that I can articulate myself any better than somebody who woke yesterday.

 But, I am a fox. I live and breathe what it is to be a fox and a human and not quite one, but not quite the other. My heart hurts and my eyes fill with tears when I watch videos of foxes playing or hunting or just walking around, but I can’t stop watching those videos because I want to see my kin and I want to be there. I collect bits of dead fox (I have nearly a full skeleton now!) and I wear a silver phase tail (taken from road kill) which my kind non-kin friend made for me.

 This is my first time baring my soul on a public forum. This is my first blog, let alone my first otherkin blog. This is my first time letting any stranger know exactly what I am - even the real life people who know that I’m ‘kin, don’t know that I’m a fox. (I’m a furry, you see, and at conventions, otherkin panels and get-togethers happen quite frequently.)

This is a huge and scary baring of my soul, and gosh I don’t even know why I’m really tagging it, when I know that you can all see it easily once I tag it. I guess I’m saying hello. I’m sticking my nose into the rushes and I’m hoping to sniff out something pleasant. My ears are twitching with wanting and caution.

It’s like when you go to an aquarium, and you want to pet the baby sharks and manta rays in the open tanks, but you know better than that because baby sharks will try to bite you anyway and manta rays have barbs. Hello out there, dear hearts? ♥



We want to say hey from all of us here on these Tumblr tags.  That said, please be aware we’re ridiculously new to Tumblr, so we don’t have a clue what we’re doing.

Mostly we want some frahnds.  :(

So anyway, uh.  I’m Nick.  I’m not the original owner of this body but I’m pretty much the man in charge nowadays, when I’m not sharing that job with teenagers.  I’m 36 years old, myself.  Different from the body’s age, but you know how that goes, right?  And I’m a stay at home dad.

If you think you know me from somewhere else, you probably do, which means you know what to do about not identifying us bodily on public sites like this, yes?  Yes.  You do.  Because you’re good people.

If you don’t know me, nice to meet you.  Point me and the rest of this system in the direction of how to get to know people on Tumblr and we’ll be eternally grateful!



Hello, Everyone


My name is Sally. I wanted to introduce myself in this tag. I am hoping to make some new friends who might understand my situation. I am being held…not exactly as a prisoner…but held against my will. The person holding me has agreed to let me introduce myself here while xe types for me. This may be very stream-of-consciousness, so please kindly endure it.

I feel very much like a bug trapped underneath a jar. I have no clue how I came to be held here
(V: unlike Grell, Asuka, and the various monsters Sally just sort of wandered in, and doesn’t live in The House)

Please, let me speak for myself. 

I do not know how I came to be held here, but in general I am not under too much duress. My main complaint is the lack of space to roam. I am also concerned about the friends I have left behind. 

Does anyone know how we might send a message to them? I am certain there must be some way, but right now I do not have the resources to find one.