‘I’ll Believe You if You Believe Me’ - on Otherkin and Multiple Systems


Here’s a quick post on multiplicity (and otherkin) and their disparaging view on critical thought. Just in the Tumblr tags today I read these words:

Think things through before you judge people. We plurals and ‘kin should especially understand that we have to stick together.

Multiples and otherkin have grown up inside a community that values blind acceptance above all else.

Below the cut I discuss just how and why multiple systems (and otherkin) are promoting a dangerous community. Here’s the gist of it for those looking for a quick reblog:

Under multiplicity’s laws you can be whomever you wish. There is no standard, no baseline, no rules to ever be broken, no taboos. This is why the community is addictive and harmful: you will never be questioned on who you are or why. If you are engaging in dangerous behavior or belief systems you will never be questioned on it, and that breeds not only a disconnect from reality, but a disconnect from what is right and wrong.

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