‘OP is 13’ is a tag on Okamp now.

Fuck y’all. 

Thanks for advertising me on the tags.


hello tumblr, i am ae. i figure i will mass introduce myself as i set up this blog. i am an otherkin, a machine/robotkin if you would like to be more precise. i am interested in the nonhuman/otherkin/trans*/lgbtqa+/social justice/identity communities as a whole. you can expect to see me around more often. make note that i contribute on a psychological, humanitarian, as well as neurological basis.

a calm, analytical body and mind means that i have a “thick skin”, so to speak, as well as a sense of humor. i am also completely aware of what i am getting myself into and the current collective assorted stances on issues. i am an observer first, after all.

these tags will not be used in such a gratuitous manner again. excuse this incident.

"i contribute on a psychological, humanitarian, as well as neurological basis"

What does that mean?


i can’t fucking even

i can’t



you shit upon us and laugh at us

you rape and murder us and then turn around and say we made those stories up

you treat us as outcasts in the few places where we can seek refuge, treat us as freaks to be ‘gotten rid of’ to make yourselves look better in a place where we thought we could be free to be ourselves finally

you trigger the hell out of us and say it’s funny

you tell us to ‘get help’ for perfectly normal things, telling us we need therapy to destroy a major part of ourselves, a perfectly healthy major part that you and you alone have pronounced ‘bad’

you say that any logical person would hate us

you invade the semblances of safe spaces we carve out for ourselves

you make us terrified to share our experiences, lest we have hate spewed upon us 

you bring us to tears from your rampant hatred and you watch us cry and tell us we’re overreacting

you say we don’t deserve to be treated as people

you threaten us with death, tell us to kill ourselves, for daring to be around you 

you erase our existence and laugh in our faces when we ask for you to stop

and then

you turn around

and you tell us

“it’s ridiculous for you to say you’re oppressed-

-but you’re a ridiculous group of people anyway, so why would we be surprised?”

and you don’t even see the hypocrisy as you laugh about it later with your ‘enlightened’ friends. 



- trivially lump together otherkin and lgbt in the same post
- get super pissed when others trivially lump together otherkin and transethnics in the same post