Not All Demons Are Evil/Hate Humans


I repeat, NOT ALL DEMONS FIT THE STEREOTYPE. Obviously some do but not every single Demonkin wishes to harm or end mankind. Not all of use are your cliche Biblical beasts (I use the term beasts not negatively). We’re not all Succubi/Incubi either, though the ones that are are just as much Demonkin as any. There’s also the fact that not all Demons are humanoid/humanoid-based. This means some are feral rather than anthro, some are formless, some are animalistic, some are plant/non-living-object-like. Demonkin are just like Otherkin and Therians in that there is a wide variety and no one should generalize our group.

Saying ‘well all of you Demonkin…things…are evil because Satan was evil’ or ‘where’s your hooves, horn, and red skin?’ can be a little offensive to some. I am not anything near Biblical and I am not a humanoid. Yes I know I’m being picky here but I do not enjoy generalization of my Kintype.

I am not:

  • Humanoid
  • Biblical
  • Satanic
  • Devilish
  • Hooved
  • Carrying a pitchfork
  • Interested in possessing human beings
  • Trying to begin the apocalypse
  • Interested in killing or harming human beings
  • In need of an exorcism
  • Possessed
  • A devil worshiper
  • Part of a cult
  • Looking to join a cult
  • Religious
  • Evil

In fact, I love WATCHING people. Humans can be very interesting when I’m in the right mood. Some other Demonkin may tell you the same.